• [No.1] Click [POOM/DAN PROMOTION] button of [PROMOTION] menu in KMS homepage.

    • [No.2] KMS MEMBERSHIP LOGIN page appears as follows.

    • [No.3] Click [MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION] button located in the upper right-hand corner of the login screen.
    • [No.4] If you want to register recommenders, please select [Recommender] menus,
      if you want to register the national association, please select [Association/Federation] menu.

    • [No.5] Click [SEARCH] button of Nationality.

    • [No.6] Select your nationality on Nationality Search page.

    • [No.7] Click [CHECK] button after enter your DOB & Poom/Dan No.

    • [No.8] If it has already been registered as a black belt, following basic information and do-jang information will appear as follow.
      [*] Marked item is mandatory information required for your registration.

    • [No.9] Click [Google Map] button to select the location of do-jang.
    • [No.10] Click [Save] button after entered the exact address of do-jang and checked it is marked on the map.
    • [No.11] Click [SUBMIT] button for registration when you completed.

    • [No.12] Confirmation email will be sent after the approval process. You can log in afterwards depending on the contents of the message.

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