• [No.1] Click [POOM/DAN PROMOTION] button of [PROMOTION] menu in KMS homepage.

    • [No.2] KMS MEMBERSHIP LOGIN page appears as follows.

    • [No.3] For a recommender, check RECOMMENDER] and enter in [USER ID], [PASSWORD], [CODE], for general instructor, uncheck [RECOMMENDER] and enter [USER ID], [PASSWORD], [DAN NO]
    • [No.4] If you fill an application form for non- Poom/Dan, please complete an application form as follows.

    • [No.5] If you fill an application form for Poom/Dan, please complete an application form as follows in [Second Poom/Dan & Above] menu.

    • [No.5-1] Click [SEARCH] button for select nationality of an applicants.

    • [No.5-2] Select the nationality after searched the nationality.

    • [No.5-3] Click [EDIT] button for uploading a photo of an applicant.
    • [No.5-4] Click [CHECK] button after entered POOM/DAN No. of an applicant. If a rank player is being searched properly, the information such as [Name], [Gender], [Current POOM/DAN], [Issuing Date], [Apply POOM/DAN], [Registration Fee] is automatically set.

    • [No.5-5] After completed the information of a rank player, click [STORING] button to complete an application form. You can enter the item above No.5-1 to No.5-5 if you want to continue to fill an application form.

    • [No.6] After you completed your application, you can double check your information in [Submit] menu and can progress payment.

    • [No.7] If you want to search an application, click NAME for searching.

    • [No.8] Click [STORING] button for modifying the information.

    • [No.9] To process your payment, enter [Name], [Tel], [E-Mail] information and click [Pay Now] button.

    • [No.10] Select the credit card you want to pay after verified your billing information.

    • [No.11] Click [Next] button after entered the card information to complete the payment process. If the payment is complete, payment details will be sent to the recommender’s email address.

    • [No.12] You can check the result of the examining of an applicant in [Procedure of Certification] menu.

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