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KMS project aims to build the Taekwondo Vision of next generation through the T.K.K WIN-WIN-WIN strategy of the KUKKIWON. Through KMS unbalanced growth of 'martial art Taekwondo' and 'sports Taekwondo' will be relieved and the support and service for overseas Do-Jang and M.N.A(Member of national association) will be reinforced in order to create new global network.

By reinforcing various supporting services of Do-Jang, KMS hopes to be the true partner for overseas Do-Jang and masters in order to stimulate the business and to secure competitiveness of overseas Taekwondo Do-Jang. KMS registered Do-Jang will be provided with KMS registered Do-Jang plaque, Certificate. Through the year, Do-Jang management supply kit(Poster, Catalog, PR CD and etc), Business management and education seminars for Do-Jang leader and Do-Jang management program will be supplied in order. Instructor dispatch program to overseas Do-Jangs will also be run.

In order to activate KMS registered Do-jang, [Excellent member] will be selected and will be provided with various benefits (pick up and accommodation service when visiting the KUKKIWON(Korea) and more). Also, [Top 100 Do-Jang] will be selected annually and will conduct strong PR plans to secure the competitiveness of overseas Taekwondo Do-Jang. Moreover, KUKKIWON will organize region oriented events including Continental/National Taekwondo Festival, KUKKIWON Cup Taekwondo Competition for KMS members. Further, exchange programs including sisterhood program between KMS registered Do-Jangs and Students camp for registered Do-Jang will be proceeded.

To harmonize the world in one by Taekwondo we invite global Taekwondo masters to be our partner by joining as the KMS member. KMS hopes to create the new value of Taekwondo and overseas Do-Jang for their development with the global Taekwondo masters.
Thank you.
Classified to INDIVIDUAL, ASSOCIATE, and SPECIAL by the number of Do-Jang or MEMBER
INDIVIDUAL Running one or more TKD Do-Jang
ASSOCIATE Group of thirty or more Do-Jang unified in one.
SPECIAL Member of national association or a group of 200 or more Do-Jang unified in one.
  • Various benefits will be given to Excellent Members by the accumulates K.M.S point
    Benefits will be provided by grades Excellent Members

    Over 201 point 101 ~ 200 point 61 ~ 100 point
    Accommodation & Pick up Service provided when visiting KUKKIWON
    Basic KUKKIWON Certification 1application > 1 point
    KUKKIWON Certification fee $100 > 1 point
    Special Recommending K.M.S to others 1time > 10 point
    KUKKIWON event participation 1time > 20 point
    KUKKIWON seminar participation 1time > 30 point
    K.M.S Selection Estimating Period
    Jan 15th, Annually Jan~Dec, Annually Benefit will be given for 1 year
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